Colorful glass samples

Glass Painting Questions

How to decorate with paint on wine glasses I want to teach patients how to paint on wine glasses, so they can decorate glasses that will be suitable for sale to support our Not For Profit … (read more)

What material cuts glass?

What cuts Glass? I want to know that which material is best to use to using cut glass – is it a diamond? I am interested to know also about the different types of cutting … (read more)

Materials for Starter Kit

What materials do I need to start making stained glass? Soldering Iron   Milly’s reply: Luckily I’ve written pages to answer your question about materials for a starter kit. If you click on the following … (read more)

Triple-glazed glass by Milly Frances

Stained Glass Front Door

Triple-glazed glass by Milly Frances I have an amazing piece of stained glass that I acquired from an estate sale. It’s a large piece and I would like to have it made into a front … (read more)

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