stained glass bee

Kick Start your Creativity

Like stained glass bees, daisies and cacti? Get inspiration from Reader’s Work and start designing your own unique panels.

Window number6 at Fairford

Feel the power of stained glass

See inside some of the most exciting church stained glass windows and experience that unmistakeable ‘wow’ feeling.

stained glass art penny somerville

Be inspired by 3 Top Glass Artists

Explore the stories and thoughts behind three of the most exciting glass artists working in the UK today.

birch tree wall art in 4 panels

Branching Out

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re looking at the world through ‘stained glass spectacles’? When everything has the potential to be made into stained glass? Winter is a good time for this, with … (read more)

Chihuly Rules

Wow! Brighten up your week with a picture of Chihuly’s Garden and Glass exhibition that was staged in Seattle. It’s 100 ft long, his biggest hanging installation ever!!! For those who didn’t see it for … (read more)

stained glass summer panel

Summer Sun

A lovely relaxing beach landscape for this cold November day. Designed and made by a student of mine called Carol Arnold, it uses etching for the sea along with coloured glass and lead. The border … (read more)

stained glass hospital panel

Windows In Hospital Chapel

What do you think to this Chapel window by Catrin Jones? It reminds me a bit of Henri Matisse, with its simple, bold designs. It’s for a hospital, and I think I would be visiting … (read more)

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