Images of Stained Glass – Fabulous Work From Readers

Images of Stained Glass From Readers

I’m calling this the “Gallery of Marvellousness“. It’s a compilation of some of the wonderful stained glass images that have been shared recently by my lovely readers.
Once again I am bowled over by the imagination and creativity you all share.

If you find looking at images inspiring and like contemporary stained glass, you might like this book by Kate Baden Fuller  (paid, thanks!) Each artist talks a bit about what inspires them, along with lots of full colour images.

I’m constantly amazed by both the imagination and quality of the work that gets sent to me. And the subject matters! Talk about wide-ranging, from flowers and birds to butterflies and fish. From cars to cranes – yes, mechanical cranes – and small to LARGE. It’s an astonishing range.

Readers’ Stained Glass

Once again I’ve been delighted with the work sent to me by my readers. You’re all so talented. I’ll let you see for yourself…

Thanks to all who contributed and sorry if yours didn’t make it into this gallery – it’ll be in the next one! Look out for the older galleries below this one too.

Jerry Kravetzker has made an ingenious short Work-In-Progress video of his gorgeous stained glass.

It’s a very effective way of showing all the work that goes into making a panel – perhaps the idea could be used to help sell a piece?

Previous Gallery

Hubbit* Gallery

*students of my classes are members of my Facebook community called the Stained Glass Hub = Hubbits (as in from Texas = Texans!)

We’re coming to the end of 2020. What a challenging year it’s been for us all. I don’t know about you but stained glass has kept my hands busy and my head sane!

Students of my online classes have been making some stunning creations. There is HUGE talent on display. Here’s the latest Gallery of Marvellousness to prove it.

Thanks to all who gave permission to share their work for others’ inspiration. Bring on 2021! Happy festivities, everyone 🙂

My oh my, do we have some HUGE talents in the Stained Glass Hub!

Earlier Galleries

Choose any stained glass image you’d like to see bigger by clicking on it and scroll through the slideshow format. Sit back and be inspired and delighted.

Flying Fish Assembly

If Bruce Hutchin’s Flying Fish (above) caught your attention and you’d like to know how he assembles it, here’s his explanation:

  • I use the appropriate length of 1/2 inch zinc came along with wood dowel rod 3/16″ for the hanging bar.
  • I make my own rings by wrapping 20 ga wire(tinned) around a very small allen wrench and cut the rings to single pcs. with nippers, flatten them out.
  • Solder them on perimeter of sections.
  • I hang using 10lb fishing line. The knots are just 5 wraps and back thru the loop at the rings.
  • Hanging tool is a copper wire length, 8 gauge, bare wire, about 24 inches, can buy at any hardware store.
  • I tie sections to the hanging tool using slip knots and adjust position and length.
  • Tack in place using a smidge of Shoo Goo.
  • I transfer the hanging tool (wire) to my work table top and pin in place using tacks, letting fish hang off bench.
  • Then I put the Came under the lines and adjust to proper position laterally.
  • I then put ShooGoo into the channel and press the wooden dowel into the channel, trapping the fishing line.
  • Before the Shoo Goo sets up I run 30lb fishing line thru the Came channel to form a hanging loop.
  • I can then hang the whole thing and adjust to final length. Adjustments can be done for a couple of days, if necessary.

A big thanks to all those who shared their stained glass work.


There are more reader’s inspirational images here:

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43 thoughts on “Images of Stained Glass – Fabulous Work From Readers”

  1. I have made a butterfly suncatcher and it keeps coming apart I have tried to reinforce it with heavy duty copper foil and tried to soldering wire across the body of it but it just keeps coming apart
    Any suggestions on how to reinforce it?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Millie,
    Thank you for all of your work to keep us informed. I have taken your online course on plating. It was great! I love all your advice and information you give us. Thank you so much for all your inspiration to me!

  3. I am in Queensland Australia. I work on my own in a small shed so have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these amazing works from such incredible artists. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Adrienne from your Queensland shed! It really does help to see and be inspired by others’ work, doesn’t it? This ‘lockdown year’ has spawned some extra special talent I think. Silver linings and all that 🙂

  4. What a marvelous array to wake up to on a Sunday morning, to end a year and flow into a new year with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. Milly, I have no idea where you found the time to put all this together but Bless you and Thank You for being you and sharing your talent with all of us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • As a student Lynn, you know first how how inspiring a group they are 🙂 I’m glad the gallery has upped your enthusiasm – a testament to the quality of the work as you always seem enthusiastic anyway!
      Happy holidays to you too.

  5. Hi, great works by everyone, I live in Australia and in the flying fish hanging they talk about using Shoogoo, can you tell me what that is please

    • Glad you liked the panels Wendy, brilliant stuff all round!
      Shoe Goo is a proprietary glue for mending shoes 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing such inspiring works! I find it fascinating that we can share from around the world and we all love doing glass work. I enjoy your site so much.

  7. Wow! You were right! Some very inspiring work there. I love seeing other people’s work. Wonderful, thanks for posting.

  8. I look forward to your emails, they are always full of great ideas and lessons. I’m getting back into glass after a 35 year hiatus, now that I have retired. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Ms. Milly!
    How lovely these are! Dena Smith (#21) did one I have been wanting to do but could not figure out how to transition the stones to the glass since they are a different thickness. Could you explain how this is done please? Thank you so much!

    • Do you mean the glass globs Pati? They have a flat bottom and are designed to stand proud. Sorry if I don’t understand your question.
      (lovely to hear from you again, btw 🙂 )

  10. I’m wanting to know how Bruce Hutchins “Flying Fish” has it hanging. At first I thought it was mounted to the shepherds hook, but then I saw small hooks. It’s a gorgeous piece. I love to make garden art, just haven’t figured how to mount to some sort of stake for the ground.

    • Lorrie, I’ve added Bruce’s answer to the page so that others can benefit from his very detailed answer. I hope you find it helpful.

  11. Very nice work. My particular favourite is the piece by Geri Akiens, of two women walking in a landscape. It has a lovely sense of peace; it’s nicely composed and with well-chosen glass.

  12. I enjoy the beautiful creations- they truly are marvelous. But it makes me disheartened at the same time- in my little hobby studio I doubt I will ever be able to create anything this marvelous.

    • Oh no, don’t get disheartened Teresa! Is there something you particularly like – even part of a piece? If so, have a look at it and try and do some of the same thing in your work… it’ll creep in and before you know it, you’ll be there!


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