Stained Glass Paintings

Just glass and lead = stained glass. Just glass and foil = stained glass. But glass and paint = stained glass paintings! It’s not that they are better than stained glass, but they are certainly … (read more)

pink and blue handmade glass

Glass Blowing Film

If you have a spare 10 minutes you will love this short film. It’s set to a jazz sound track and documents a series of blokes working in a glass factory in the Netherlands in … (read more)

Glorious Stained Glass Window

What do you think of this fantastic window by Manessier? This one is in St Sepulchre Church in Abbeville, France. The colour scheme is gorgeous. Manessier uses very few colours and yet they work very … (read more)

round stained glass window

Circular Windows

I’ve always, always wanted to live in a house with a round window. I love the way that circles don’t have a beginning and an end, they take the eye around and around in a … (read more)

Tom Fruin stained glass watertower

Beautiful Glass Water Tower

Wow, take a look at this art work from Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin. I’ts a new take on the water towers that you see all over NYC, but this one is made from recycled plexiglass … (read more)

Chihuly Rules

Wow! Brighten up your week with a picture of Chihuly’s Garden and Glass exhibition that was staged in Seattle. It’s 100 ft long, his biggest hanging installation ever!!! For those who didn’t see it for … (read more)

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