Stained Glass Made Perfect – Tools Needed

These are all the tools and materials you need to get started with Stained Glass. Plus a couples of optionals. List 1 – Specialist Tools and Materials Essentials Stained or Art Glass: 2 Hobby cuts (approx. … (read more)

Blue and Yellow Cold Paint

Painting on Float Glass

Painting on sandblasted  Glass If I do glass painting on frosted or sandblasted glass, will there still be a tin residue that I need to avoid? Thanks! Laurinda Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question Laurinda. … (read more)

Panels for Bed and Breakfast

3 Stained Glass Panels for B and B

B & B Solitude Panels Panels for Bed and Breakfast I made these for a friend’s Bed and Breakfast sitting room. They came out beautiful! by Cheryl Young (Dover, DE United States) Milly’s comments: What a great idea! … (read more)

Help with painting techniques

I have worked with stained glass as a hobby for about 6 years. I have an opportunity to build two windows for our church, which means duplicating the existing windows. The painting techniques used appears … (read more)

Maya King Panel

’18 Rabbit’ With Painting Instructions

Maya King Panel by Larry Stout(Ozarkistan) This piece, dubbed “18 Rabbit” in allusion to a Maya king of Copan (a wonderful place to visit!), illustrates what I’ll call “poor-man’s stained glass painting”. I experimented with all … (read more)

Stained Glass A-Z

A – Antique Glass Mouth blown sheet glass. It’s handmade rather than machine made. Not ‘old’ or ‘aged’ as the term suggests! – Acid-etching Removing a layer of colour on the glass using hydrofluoric acid … (read more)

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