glass cutter with grozer pliers and green glass

Cutting Stained Glass

Learn How to Cut Stained Glass – Tutorials For All Skill Levels Learning how to cut stained glass is the most scary process you’ll have to do when making stained glass. But that’s only because … (read more)

cutting stained glass for window panel

What Shapes Can You Cut In Glass?

Cutting Stained Glass Shapes When you’re first start cutting stained glass there’s so much to take in. How to hold the cutter, how hard to press, how to open the scoreline. It’s all new. But … (read more)

cutting blue glass with template

3 Methods For Cutting Glass Shapes

Increase Your Cutting Options You’ve got your stained glass pattern and you’re wondering how to approach cutting glass shapes. Is it best to use a template? And if so, do you stick the template on or … (read more)

grozing stained glass with pliers

5 Ways To Cut Stained Glass

This glass cutting guide takes you though five different ways of how to cut glass in a straight line. You might be wondering why you should spend time learning five different methods, when you can … (read more)

How To Cut Glass

Perfect cutting for stained glass. Shows how to cut deep curves and not to waste glass. Includes videos, helpful photos and drawings.

Shapes you can cut

How to Cut Stars In Glass

Shapes you can cut I want to cut out a star shape out in one piece. Is that possible and is there a trick to that? Milly’s reply: Thanks for your question Peggy. The short answer … (read more)

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