Nancy’s Transom Windows

My first comissioned piece. This is the piece I had asked you questions about as far as reinforcing the panels. I learned a lot with this project .152 hours! After expenses I think I made … (read more)

Beer, anyone

Stained Glass and Craft Beer

Stained Glass Panel with Beer! Beer, anyone? My husband makes his own craft beer and wine. He is quite good and has received many awards and ribbons (came in 3rd place in the USA). I … (read more)


Stained Glass Egret

Gorgeous Egret in Stained Glass Egret This was my third stained glass piece. 200 hours….200 pieces too. Looks like I was consistent. My husband and son installed the piece. Using 2 ladders and impeccable timing … (read more)

Blue glass flower

Stained Glass Work by Readers

A Gallery of Readers Stained Glass Work Blue glass moons This panel was based on an anecdote by John Betjeman of a quotation by Tennyson, and was my first large scale attempt at acid etching … (read more)


Stained Glass Water Garden Window

Beautiful Panel Inspired by Landscape Fairhaven Another great panel from Julia in Norfolk, UK. There’s so much going on here, I don’t know where to start. Perhaps with the gorgeous painted details – the grasses … (read more)

Glass Eagle

Engraved Glass Eagle

Glass Eagle Panel Glass Eagle This eagle is engraved on glass using a dremmel grinder with a diamond burr. I’ve put black card behind the glass to show scratches. By Stefan Milly’s reply: Wow Sefan, … (read more)


Engraved Glass Owl

Glass Owl Panel Owl Engraved on glass using diamond burr. By Stephan Milly’s reply: You are a talented artist! Do you see these birds around in Auckland, or do you get the images from books or … (read more)

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