firing schedule records

Kiln Firing Schedule

Useful kiln firing schedule tips for getting started with a glass kiln. Understanding the firing stages for successful results.

Solder Stained Glass Beaded Edges

How to Solder Stained Glass Beaded Edges Learning how to do stained glass means getting to grips with learning how to solder stained glass beaded edges. You don’t want to let untidy finishing spoil your beautiful … (read more)

mixed glass paint

Perfect Paint Mixing

Achieve smooth painted lines by learning how to mix paint perfectly. Contains unique photos.

blue etching stencil

Using Glass Etching Stencils

How To Etch Glass With Stencils There’s hundreds of glass etching stencils to choose from, so how do you know which ones are best for you? Read on to: Find out how to etch glass … (read more)

How To Cut Glass

Perfect cutting for stained glass. Shows how to cut deep curves and not to waste glass. Includes videos, helpful photos and drawings.

glass etching materials

Best Value Etching Kit

What You Get In Your Kit With a glass etching kit you can transform boring glassware into individual gifts for friends. This page will help you Compare kits for value and quality Save time with … (read more)

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