Soldering Copper Foil

How to Solder Stained Glass Stained glass soldering joins all your foil-wrapped pieces of glass together by running a bead of solder along each seam. It isn’t the easiest technique to learn but it’s one … (read more)

cutting blue glass with template

3 Methods For Cutting Glass Shapes

Increase Your Cutting Options You’ve got your stained glass pattern and you’re wondering how to approach cutting glass shapes. Is it best to use a template? And if so, do you stick the template on or … (read more)

cleaning off whiting with stiff brush

Cementing Lead Came

Expert tutorial on using black cement to weatherproof a lead came panel. With video and original photos.

showing how to make a hanger for a stained glass panel with a zinc frame

Adding Hooks to Stained Glass

Making Jump Rings And Adding Hooks to Stained Glass These stained glass instructions show you how to make and solder hooks on to a zinc frame. It uses a simple, nearly invisible method of adding hooks … (read more)

Stained Glass Tools and Equipment

Essential Stain Glass Tools For Copper Foil Method There are stained glass tools for everything you could possibly want to create, but what do you really need? Here’s a short explanatory video for those who want to … (read more)

glastar glass grinder

Glass Grinder For Accurate Shapes

Best Stained Glass Grinder For Quality And Value The stained glass grinder will soon become your best friend although strictly speaking it is not essential for making stained glass. Click here to jump to Quick … (read more)

Making Stained Glass – Leaded Panels

Stained Glass Lead Came Tutorials These making stained glass instructions focus on the wonderful technique of leaded stained glass. If you want to make a larger panel with strong lines and surface texture, then these … (read more)

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