Improve your Stained Glass Soldering here

Find tips and tricks to help you achieve a beautifully smooth soldered seam. You’ll discover how to get a lovely rounded edge on your sun catchers and how to fill in unsightly gaps.

stained glass patina instructions

A Sparkling Finish is yours

Patina and Polish is the last step and the one that truly makes your stained glass stand out. Find out how to achieve a gorgeous uniform finish and see your work gleam.

squared stained glass dolphin panel

Hang your stained glass work with pride

Don’t end up with stacks of stained glass gathering dust in a cupboard. Find out how to Frame and Add Hooks so that your beautiful work takes centre stage.

stained glass fire screen

Stained Glass Fire Screen Ideas

Ever picked one of these fire screens (or similar) up from a thrift shop? I was asked for some ideas for incorporating stained glass into it and came up with these suggestions: 1. Use the … (read more)

Stained Glass Box in 6 Seconds

I love these chest stained glass boxes. They are slightly more difficult to make but not too hard… you just have to make sure you get the spacing and the angle right on the lid. … (read more)

How To Price Stained Glass

Take a good look at the 3 images below: One is a traditional Tiffany-style lamp…. One a contemporary dual-layered abstract window… And one a geometric window… Now think about pricing. How much are these worth? Or, more to … (read more)

Patrick Reyntiens dalle de verre

Dalle de Verre Film

This is a gem! A short film (2.5 minutes) showing Dalle de verre being made. If you aren’t sure what Dalle de verre is they’re like chunky mosaics. It’s the technique of sawing or breaking … (read more)

Cutting Glass With Scissors

  I’ve been having a fine time in my studio. After reading in a book that you could cut glass with scissors under water (YES! scissors! under water!) I decided rashly that I was going … (read more)

Zinc Came And Black Patina

Do you have trouble getting your zinc came black? Here’s some tricks to make your panels gleam. Question: Thank you for the Pewter Black tip. I ONLY use Jax Pewter Black on my pieces, and … (read more)

Stained glass applique

Glass On Glass Mosaic Instructions

Have you ever tried Stained Glass Appliqué? It’s a fantastically easy way of creating panels without lead or soldering. What’s more, you can use up all those scappy bits of leftover glass to create stunning … (read more)

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