Get the Best Stained Glass Kit

Ready-made Starter Kits make tool buying simple. Make sure you get the best bundle of equipment and don’t pay for things you don’t actually need by reading these Stained Glass Kit reviews.

Hakko soldering iron

Top-performing Soldering Iron

Select the best Soldering Iron and achieve smooth rounded seams. Find out about which wattage you need and the best type of tips to use. Includes amazing stained glass soldering video.

glastar glass grinder

Achieve Precision Fits

Cut down on waste with a Stained Glass Grinder that matches your particular needs. Read reviews of different grinders and find out which one comes out top for value and quality.

glass etching materials

Best Value Etching Kit

What You Get In Your Kit With a glass etching kit you can transform boring glassware into individual gifts for friends. This page will help you Compare kits for value and quality Save time with … (read more)

Half Rounded Lead

Hi I’m just writing a long list of glass supplies which I need and have noticed that half rounded stained glass lead is approximately £1 per 2m more expensive than flat lead. I have never … (read more)

Cutters Mate

Is Cutter’s Mate Any Good?

Making Cutting Glass Easier Cutters Mate I am looking into buying a Cutter’s Mate, glass saw or cutter of some sorts. I am wondering what kind of cutting system most have used on here and … (read more)

Hakko soldering iron

Best Stained Glass Soldering Iron

Top Performing Soldering Iron Your stained glass soldering iron is one of the most expensive items in your kit. And so it should be! It’s a false economy to buy a cheap stained glass soldering … (read more)

Ephrem's glass bottle cutter

Glass Bottle Cutter

Create home projects easily with this glass bottle cutter. Glasses, lamp shades and candle holders are simple to make.

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