Master Smooth Stained Glass Soldering

Say goodbye to lumpy solder lines and start creating wonderfully smooth solder seams by following these simple instructions. You’ll find out about a magic tip cleaner too!

stained glass patina tutorial

Get a Sparkly Even Finish

Find out the secrets of getting a sparkling finish to your stained glass. Cleaning, polishing and patina are the last steps; make sure you do yourself and your work proud!

squared stained glass dolphin panel

No More Misshapen Rejects

Make sure you get perfect fitting square panels every time. Stop your panel growing and growing and GROWING with this tutorial on squaring stained glass.

Mirror Discoloration

Tips for Using Mirrors in Stained Glass Mirrors can be used very creatively in copper foiled stained glass work. You can use them as a regular looking glass, or incorporate them into lamps or panels. … (read more)

How to Solder Over Gaps

3 Ways to Solder Over Gaps in Stained Glass I get asked quite a lot about how to solder over gaps in stained glass. Here are 3 ways of filling in different shaped gaps. Filling … (read more)

How To Make Stained Glass

Stained Glass Copper Foil Tutorials Learning how to make stained glass is easier if broken down into bite-sized pieces. The Copper Foil Technique Tutorials below guide you through each process, one at a time, in … (read more)

cut dolphin stained glass pieces

Squaring Stained Glass Panels

Squaring Stained Glass – Making Your Panel Fit Squaring stained glass is a combination of accurate cutting and constant checking. This tutorial is for those who struggle with making sure a copper foiled panel is … (read more)

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