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This is where you’ll find all the how to make stained glass instructions using the Copper Foil Technique. It includes all the processes for this method from Foiling through Soldering to Hanging and fancy dancy Decorative Ideas.

stained glass soldering tutorial

Master Smooth Stained Glass Soldering
Say goodbye to lumpy solder lines and start creating wonderfully smooth solder seams by following these simple instructions. You’ll find out about a magic tip cleaner too!

stained glass patina tutorial

Get a Sparkly Even Finish
Find out the secrets of getting a sparkling finish to your stained glass. Cleaning, polishing and patina are the last steps; make sure you do yourself and your work proud!

squared stained glass dolphin panelNo More Misshapen Rejects
Make sure you get perfect fitting square panels every time. Stop your panel growing and growing and GROWING with this tutorial on squaring stained glass.



My simple to follow free eBook shows you how easy it is to cut even the most difficult type of curves in stained glass.

Stained Glass Made Perfect online course
Copper Foil Construction

Don’t Give Up On Copper Foiling Without Trying These Tricks

Stained Glass Copper Foil Tips Oxidised Copper Foil Oxidised stained glass copper foil before cleaning, centre. Shiny after clean around glass shapes When stained glass copper foil oxidises it’s difficult to solder. What is the best thing to do when this happens? You might be surprised to learn that this…
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Copper Foil Construction

Stained Glass Soldering Techniques – The Key to Smooth Soldering

What REALLY makes a smooth solder seam? Great soldering technique by Milly's online student Maggie Winters You all know that lumpy solder seam feeling. You try and TRY to improve your stained glass soldering techniques but STILL you can't get a nice smooth finish. Well I have a secret for you.…
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Copper Foil Construction

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Pattern Instructions

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Pattern This stained glass Christmas tree pattern is a spectacular 4-sided festive delight. It would look great as a table decoration as it stands up on its own. The pattern could easily be adapted for other designs. For example, you could make a 4-sided stained glass…
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